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Dwellingright: The App that Predicts Your Tasks

The average person has over 6,200 thoughts per day, according to scientists at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.

However, when it comes to getting stuff done, some studies have suggested that multi-tasking splits the brain's capacity and reduces our ability to accomplish each task.

According to studies by neuroscientist Etienne Koechling, the results suggest that the brain can’t efficiently juggle more than two tasks, because it has only two hemispheres available for task management.

Nevertheless, where does that leave us with our modern lifestyles? Where we're often juggling several tasks live in the air at once?

When most of us have a delicate balancing act in-between work, relationships, and life, it seems inevitable that we often drop the ball on something.

The question is though; is that just the way things are, or is there a better way to manage it all?

Reducing Your Mental Load

It's quite normal nowadays that people are forgetful, or are prone to forgetting lots of important details.

For example, not remembering to renew our driver's license. Forgetting to pay our taxes. Or don't forget the infamous bamboo houseplant which was bought with the loving intentions but has been accidentally neglected for over a year now.

I'm sure we all have our various ways and systems of getting organized. Maybe it's pen and paper, maybe it's slotting everything into various apps and calendars.

Nevertheless, it's hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done, let alone figure out what new things that are coming up.

If you've been looking for a better way to do things, meet Dwellingright. It predicts important critical life tasks for you. For example, reminding you to sprinkle your lawns with fertilizer, or giving you a heads up on your annual dental appointment.

It reduces your mental load, knowing that you can now delegate the organization of routine checkups and annual life admin tasks to tech and focus on the actual things in life that you want to do.

Created to Make Life Easy

Dwellingright was created by Miriam Rapaport-Hindin to make life easier. With four children, a career as a corporate lawyer and long hours, Miriam wished there was a simpler way to get things done.

As the ultimate Type A personality, Miriam built Dwellingright to be her go-to app, so she would never drop the ball on anything. In fact, she wanted a way to ensure she would always be one step ahead in life.

Dwellingright uses AI technology to predict important life tasks in a timely manner. It's even split into several categories like household, finance and medical so you can easily navigate between your tasks.

Built to be a visual experience, it's easy-to-use and requires no training at all to get the hang of it. Everything is intuitive, and so you can easily figure out what you have to do.

Through a personal questionairre in the onboarding, Dwellingright assesses your personal information and situation. It then delivers personalized predictions for your life, tailored towards your specific context.

So far, it's been a life jacket for many users who simply wanted to get organized better.

Everything in One Place

As an app, it makes life even more accessible as everything is kept close to you in your pocket. There's no need to use several apps and a calendar anymore, Dwellingright has everything all in one place.

It even has a handy notification system, that keeps you on top of tasks you haven't yet done, and reminds you to close critical tasks out on the day.

"It's been a game-changer... I used to always get confused where I had noted down my tasks - from my diary, to my calendar, or post-it notes. But now, I can rely on Dwellingright to predict my tasks and remind me of them." - Alyssa, 38, Financial Advisor, NYC

Dwelligright is the app that lets you take control of your time and your life again.

When you can truly focus on being present, you're able to dedicate more energy to your work, family, and loved ones.


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