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Is Dwellingright free?

We’re on a mission to make your life easier.

So, we’ve made sure that Dwellingright is free to use for everyone, all the time! 

How can Dwellingright help me get my tasks done?

Dwellright actually reminds you of the tasks that you need to do in advance, and breaks them down into bite-sized steps to follow. 


You can also quickly create tasks, add files and documents, forward notes to your email, and share everything with your partner.

How can Dwellingright help me collaborate with others?

Dwellingright was built to be shared by families and couples! The app automatically shares your tasks with your partner, so you can always stay connected. 

Is my account data secure?

All of the data is 100% yours. We do not allow access from unauthorized parties.


The data is hosted securely on Amazon Web Services which is one of the most trusted hosting services by multinational corporations around the world. 

Dwellingright is committed to keeping your data safe and secure - your privacy is one of our top priorities.

Is Dwellingright data encrypted?

All communications between applications and servers are done over SSL, so your password and data is secure in transit. 

We do not encrypt any data stored on your own computer and devices, however you can choose to set up encryption on your devices yourself. 

Can I cancel Dwellingright?

Absolutely. You can easily delete the app any time you want. 

If you want to permanently close your account, please send an email to 

This means that if you download Dwellingright again in the future, the data that you previously entered will no longer be available, so your notes, email and password will all be deleted. Please keep in mind that this action is not reversible.

How do I request a feature?

We'd love to hear about your feature requests! Send us an email to 

How do I report a bug?

We'd love to hear your feedback! Please send an email to 

Have anymore questions?

Please send an email to 

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