Annual dental checkup? Driver's license renewal? Dwellingright reminds you when the time comes so you stay on top of everything.


AI-driven predictions about up-coming tasks makes organizing your life easy.


You can easily add, store and access any tasks, docs or contacts that are critical for running your personal life.

Synchronize your personal information with Dwellingright to ensure it reminds you on the life responsibilities that matter the most. 

Made for couples

Staying connected with your partner is simple. Tasks and responsibilities are automatically synced. Say bye to long texts, Whatsapp and Messenger about who's supposed to be doing what. 

Say hello to Dwellingright, the ultimate organizer app.

Dwellingright's Superpowers

Picture storage.png

Picture it!

Snap a picture and upload it, ensuring that tasks and your most important docs are easily available at any time.

Transparent communication.png

Transparent Communication

Share your tasks, hand them off and get each other's input so that you can accomplish things faster, together. 

Comprehensive data.png

Comprehensive Database 

Keep it all together! All of your tasks, documents, and contacts in one place.

Bank level security.png

High Level Security

A secure environment that allows you to upload sensitive information.