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Dwellingright: It's Made for Couples

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

It's not always easy to understand exactly what another person wants in a relationship.

Nevertheless, modern couples would probably all agree that a balanced power dynamic is key to a successful long-term relationship.

Although most relationships aim for a straight 50/50 split in terms of housework and responsibilities, more often than not, life is a lot more messy and complicated than that.

An Easier Way to Keep Track

Sometimes, another person simply faces more intense personal, health or professional challenges than the other in the relationship. Sometimes it's hard to remember who did what, who was supposed to do what, or be on top of what the other person has already done.

Even so, unlike our professional lives, we don't keep timesheets or have neat color-coded excel models mapping out how we're spending our time and energy.

Arguably though, we need to have better tools. We need smarter ways to keep track of things. Trying to run our lives as optimally as possible in the 21st century is a complicated exercise. We're confronted with multitudes of data and information on a daily basis.

We're expected to build satisfying careers, work long hours and balance time in our relationships. We're expected to eat healthily and get to the gym at regular intervals during the week. On top of that we're also supposed to stay effortlessly coordinated with our significant other at all times.

The Breaking Point

Before building Dwellingright, Miriam Rapaport-Hindin (CEO and Founder of Dwellingright) encountered many personal challenges in her journey to raising four children and building her career as an international lawyer.

She had to constantly juggle her long hours with her husband's schedule, who also works in a high-powered corporate profession. It was difficult to keep on top of everything as well as make sure she had enough energy for her children.

She often wished she had an intuitive and easy-to-use tool to organize her life, without having to resort to professional software. Her personal breaking point came when she was balancing a new-born 6 month year old baby, studying a MBA at Columbia University, and attempting to get to her exams just right after a snowstorm. Her husband was out of town that week and so she was on her own.

With so many things to stay on top of, Miriam had completely forgotten to renew her driver's license. It had just accidentally slipped her mind. On her way to her exams, with her newborn baby snuggled up in the child seat, she was asked to pull over by the cops and realized that her license was out-of-date.

Horrified by the experience, Miriam vowed to never repeat it again. She set out to re-invent how her information was organized, and voila, Dwellingright was born. A tech product that made it easier to organize life's critical responsibilities.

Built for 100% Transparency

Miriam recognized that any system or product she created to organize herself, had to be shared with her husband in order to have any impact.

If he was ever out of town, she needed to be able to easily access key details of events he always handled. Like the contact details of medical specialists for their children, or event details for birthday parties or violin lessons.

Miriam also realized that although her husband and her tried to balance household duties equally, their long hours often meant differently. Sometimes, Miriam would do all of the housework and cooking, and other times her husband would step in and let Miriam focus on her work, through taking responsibility of all the parenting and housework.

In order to support their relationship and ensure it stayed balanced between each other, Miriam wanted a way to keep track of this. She also wanted a way to facilitate regular check-in points and conversations around life admin with her partner.

Operating with the principle of 100% transparency, she created Dwellingright so that couples would be able to easily see and share what they were doing. Being able to access that information at any time was a game-changer for their relationship.

Modern Life Admin for Couples

Dwellingright made transparency easy for Miriam and her husband. Previously, they would constantly disagree on their assessments on who had done what. After all, no one keeps a tally each time they organize their family trip to the dentist, or renew everyone's passports.

Nevertheless, having an easy record system like Dwell made it clear to Miriam and her husband the tasks that they had both done, and made it easy for them to plan out what they would be doing next month together.

They also stopped having to use Whatsapp, Messenger, email and sms to constantly keep each other updated. Now, they were able to communicate on one platform, and keep everything together in one place.

Dwellingright streamlines and simplifies the communication process in-between couples. It was made to be used in a relationship. It takes out the guess-work in between you and your partner, and supports direct conversations on understanding what your partner really wants from you.

If you're interested in seeing how Dwell can work for you and your significant other, you can download it on the app store today!


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